About Katja Biesanz

Who is this woman and why does she do all these different things?

Hello. I am Katja Biesanz. I help people like you to discover and to integrate different parts of themselves. KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

I started out as a dancer, and a masseuse. When I touched people, we found that memories were stored in their body. When I coached people in movement, we could see that how they thought affected how they moved. And when we changed that, their lives changed.

I can feel and see people’s energy bodies, too. I had lived in five different countries by the time I was twelve, and some of these cultures thought that it was perfectly natural to have these perceptions — which is true. So unlike many people of the modern world, I didn’t censor my own experience. A gift of this is that I can help you know what you know.

Our energy bodies hold the template for our lives. They filter our experience. When we change them, the effects are profound.

Actors and other performers  and athletes I work with come back to do personal work, because they find benefits not only on stage, but in their whole lives.

Through dance, many people work with me privately to deal with trauma or other experiences that separate them from  their bodies and their wholeness.

Over a dozen years ago, people asked me to become a therapist and  to bring with me, into the field, what we were doing with the physical and the subtle bodies. To be available for therapy for the whole person.

I’ve ended up with a full spectrum of tools, from the latest evidence based psychology to ancient Chinese and shamanic practices. These include Hakomi and EMDR. Each tool is designed to address where our edge of growth may reside.

People who had done years of therapy often feel healed in a handful of sessions — sometimes in the first one. They’ve done all of the other work, but a layer remained. Together, we find ways to move what was stuck.

In addition to therapy, I teach movement, Qigong, Sacred Daoist Sexuality, Yoga, and do healing and sacred ceremony, all in support of integrity.

Come see what of my offerings might help you discover your own wholeness.



  • LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) Oregon
  • MA Counseling with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology—Pacifica Graduate Institute
  • BFA Dance —California Institute of the Arts
  • Certified MogaDao Qigong & Morning Medical Guide – MogaDao Institute
  • Certified MogaDao Sacred Sexuality Guide  – MogaDao Institute
  • Certified MogaDao Yoga instructor  – MogaDao Institute
  • Certified in Herbalism – Milagro School of Herbal Medicine