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Qigong & more for Fall Sunday, November 15, 2015  2-4:30 pm $45. at Opening to Life, 407 NE 12th @ Flanders, upstairs studio  Katja: 503-703-1262



Fall is a time of reflection, and of letting go. It can be of time of grief, and it can be the time of finding meaning in life’s experiences. It is the hard mining that reveals the inner jewel. It is the time to cut away what hinders, and to hone the core of who you are in this life. It is the Yin time for harvesting Wisdom.

The Metal Element in Traditional Chinese Medicine encompasses all this. Qigong is mindful movements that support integration of the full being, including the physical body, with the Cosmos.

Lung is the organ associated with the fall. These practices will support respiratory health.Who will benefit:

  •  Those with lung and breathing issues
  •  Those processing grief
  •  Those doing inner work
  •  Those seeking transformation

MogaDao Qigong & More    

            You will learn a six-move form: Zhenzan Dao’s Yijing form Summer to Fall: Yielding. You will also experience other Qigong and Yoga practices that support the lung , help you to enter the rich Yin of the season, and discover the inner work that leads to transcendence and freedom.

Katja Biesanz, LPC

I am a somatically based psychotherapist , a dancer and an herbalist. I’m certified as an Instructor and Guide in all MogaDao Qigong forms. I have taught people to feel their Qi (Chi) for forty years, and have focused on Qigong for the last ten. I live and practice on the North Coast of Oregon, and come to Portland to see clients once a week.



Yoga Workshop, Saturday, May 2, 2015  1:30-5:30 pm $60. with Paige Ccochran

WOOD: The Birth of Creation

Explore the psycho-spiritual spiritual and medicinal understandings of the Wood Element of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its correspondences in MogaDao Yoga: the physical and energetic anatomy of liver and blood, psoas and backbends. We will reach into the relationship of the asanas of upward growth and opening and how these relate to germination creation, rebirth, ideation, vision, self–esteem and authentic life purpose.

This fundamental workshop is for all levels of practitioner, new students to MogaDao, on-going MogaDao students, and advanced practitioners working towards teacher certification. It will include deep and full physical practice, careful anatomy lessons, didactic and spiritual teaching, breaks and Q & A.

The teachings and practices included in this workshop are derived from the original tradition of MogaDao, created and founded by Master Zhenzan Dao.


Sundays, 10 – 11:15 am $12  Until the end of May

Simple & Profound Qigong goes to the essences of Qigong and the Dao. This makes it both a foundational class  appropriate for newcomers, and a deepening class for long time practitioners.


Saturday, May 9, 2015  Awakenings Wellness Center

1016 SE 12th Ave. Portland, Oregon 97214                                                                 All day participation for Saturday: $100.

Morning Medical Qigong 9-10:15 am $15.

A healing MogaDao practice that attends generally to all the organ systems in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Will be offered as a deep poetical experience. There will be a very basic handout to take home. Local classes available for any new people who wish to continue.

Beyond Sets: Qigong for the Moment 10:45 am-12:30 pm $30.

This will be an energetic ceremony to attend to the particular needs, both of physical and psycho-spiritual health. Drawing on the ancient shamanic roots of Qigong as well as TCM, we will also tend to the needs of the place and times. Beginnings will benefit, and perhaps have a profound experience by participating. Advanced practiioners will get a taste of applyied Qigong. I will speak the mytho-poetic meaning of the forms during the practice. There will also be time for questions.

Yijing I: Preparing for Summer/Fire: Flourishing 1:30-4:30 pm $50.

This hexagram of practices helps us transition in full health from Spring to Summer. It also can be done at any time of the year to encourage abundant, expression, generosity, creativity, and a healthy heart.

Mudras in Qigong  6-8 pm $20.

Mudras are sacred hand positions, They affect the nervous system and the body/mind by making different linkages. (This is possible because of the overwhelming innervation of the hands and especially the fingers.) Yogic in origin, mudras reveal the early mutually influencial beginnings of both Qigong and Yoga.

This lecture can become more a workshop, if you as an individual so desire, by participating in the demonstrations of the Mudras within Qigong practices.


Sunday, May 10, 2015 – The Land (Falcon Cove 8 miles south of Cannon Beach) Contact for directions  3-5 pm — By donation — Suggested $25, but pay what you can

Qigong in Nature –Interfacing with the Natural World through Ceremonial Qigong, benefiting all. (Nearby Rain alternative space being contacted)