Individual Coaching, Workshops and Classes
  • Qigong
  • Authentic Movement
  • Dance
  • Embodiment

I  help both amateur and professional athletes with their games, and coach performers of all kinds, including musicians.  I can also help you with activities such as sitting more comfortably, climbing stairs without pain, or dancing at a wedding.

Movement coaching is what led me to become a therapist. Your energy and your mind are the biggest forces animating your body! Learn how to use them well, and feel at home in your own skin. 

 Authentic Movement

Authentic Movement is  expressive improvisational movement  that allows a type of free association of the body. It was started by Mary Starks Whitehouse,  a Jungian, a dancer, and a therapist.  It is my favorite form of Dance Therapy. In this form, you in solo session or as part of a group will be witnessed by me. I support the field in which you allow your authentic impulses to emerge. This is a beautiful adjunct to talk therapy, accessing layers that the latter often misses. 

Embodiment & Coaching

Maryam skipping copy

My mission in life seems to be to help people feel their selves on all levels while feeling integrated with their bodies — in other words, to be embodied. I believe we are incarnate, in the flesh, for a reason. The parts of cultures that castigate the flesh wound us. Refine your body to reflect the spirit.

I help performers embody their characters or images. I coach athletes (some World Class!) to embody the ideal movements of their sports. I can help you live better in your body, even if do don’t do such fancy things. Self acceptance, sitting better at the computer, integrating your sexual life, managing stairs — these are some of the ways I have helped people embody. This is wholeness, this is healing.


As a former professional dancer and choreographer, I can teach you modern, contemporary and classical ballet. I can’t teach ballroom or hip hop, but I can improve your form, and help you assimilate what you learn elsewhere. I am a world-class explainer-so-you-get-it. And if you are uncomfortable with social dancing, I can help.  Preparing people to dance on their wedding day, or that of their child, is a great joy.


I have a BFA in Dance from California Institute of the Arts. I graduated from Interlochen Arts Academy, and was cited as a one of  the “Distinguished Artists who have trained at North Carolina School of the Arts.” My most renowned teachers include Pauline Koner, Donald McKayle, and Carmelita Maracci.

I studied dance based on Tai Ji from Chungliang Al Huang. Martial Arts with Wang Sing Kim, SaBuNim DiVito and Daniel Villasenor. Continuum  (cellular movement healing) with Emilie Conrad. Improvisation with Margie Beals, Simone Forti and Shirley Ririe. Acting with Suzanne LaCroix, Trezana Beverley and John Whitlock. Support of the individual’s creative process is based on Deena Metzger‘s writing classes.

When you add psyche, subtle energy, and a anthorpologist’s understanding of the cultural components of embodiment, you get a mix that can help you live well in your body, however you may find it.