Ceremonies and Healing

Weddings & Other Ceremonies

  • Weddings, Funerals, Coming of Age
  • Spiritual Growth Work & Counseling
  • Ceremonies of Transformation
  • Reiki,  Healing, & Shamanic Services

Young ceremony

Our culture has lost ritual. I work with you to create a meaningful ceremony. Together we explore your deepest values.

For engaged couples, I encourage a minimum of three counseling sessions to explore what you are meaning by your wedding, and what you are vowing. 

I bring a wealth of knowledge of different traditions, as well as literature and sacred writing. We’ll collaborate on a structure that will best support your sacred moment.

I am currently licensed as a Minister in Oregon, and will soon be in New Mexico, so I can perform your ceremony as well. 

Shamanic Services

Special shamanic skills include:

  • Decording
  • Self fragment and Soul retrieval
  • Blockage and Intrusion removal

With all of these, I teach you how to do the work yourself, while supporting the field energetically, and guiding you from my experience.  I find that this is the most effective way of making lasting change, and provides you with skills to empower yourself.


  • Subtle body reading
  • Reiki
  • Healing touch
  • Qigong

As a healer, my specialty is coaching you to be able to be the agent of your own healing. A healing session will look different for each person, because it is a co-creation.

Spiritual Growth Work and Counseling

This is where my life as an energy healer intersects my work as a Counselor. I am here to support your unique journey to your most authentic Self, aligned in harmony with the Divine and all Creation. _MG_9124

My path: I seem to have been born with a healing touch. Perhaps I inherited it. My grandmother had the Sight, and my grandfather from the Old Country did ancient healing practices from the north of Finland for his neighbors. Finland is home to some of the last people living continually in the old ways in all of Europe.

Growing up, especially in other cultures, contributed to my ability to perceive subtle energy. When I gave up my massage license to focus on dance, I continued to help clients without direct physical touch. I later became a “Reiki Master”, a complementary healing modality. 

Because I danced from the subtle energy body, I pursued studies to help explain this force to my dancers, spending four years studying Continuum with Emilie Conrad, many years dipping into various martial arts, and the last nine years in a profound study of Qigong. 

Life brought me direct downloads from spirit. I ‘ve had a long association with Deena Metzger, and the Daré healing councils she and Michael Ortiz brought back from Zimbabwe.  And Qigong, central to my personal practice, has deep shamanic roots. My study with Daoist Qigong Master Daniel Villasenor is continuing to refine me as an instrument.