“I am the pain and the remedy for the pain. I am the water and the jar that pours ”                                        

— Rumi 


Greetings. I practice psychotherapy, coaching and energy healing in Portland, on the North Coast of Oregon, and by phone.

The three things I listed are more connected than one would think. We are all far deeper and more wonderful than we even dare dream. But our fears about ourselves keep us from the treasure that we are. Our wounds can be transformed into portals, to enter our own wholeness. The parts we want to hide hold the keys to what is special about us. The wonder that you are is well worth the journey through.

Come discover the whole of you. On my pages you will discover ways that I can guide you on your journey to yourself.

Our radiance can be obstructed by rigidity or vagueness of thought, by stifling or over-run of emotion, by blockages or absences in the body. Our subtle body, our basic patterning, can have similar gaps or obstructions. I have found in healing, that each layer must be attended to, and then brought back into relationship to the whole. On the surface, it may seem as if I do many different things, but it is one thing. I support you in meeting mindfully, with an open heart, all those gaps and stuck places, and guide you in your individual process of discovering the whole of who you really are. And I promise you, once you pass the dragons of your deep fears, you will be delighted to discover the whole of you.

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” – T. S. Eliot