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Stillness & Flow: Mastering the Water Element


Stillness * Flow *  Yin Surging Power *  Watercourse Way * Overcoming Fear * Conserving Qi * Overcoming Depression * Embracing Inner Quiet

In exploring the Water Element of Traditional Chinese Medicine with various movement and sacred practice modalities, we’ll emphasize the MogaDao Yijing form Stillness, which supports the inner tasks of Winter. This form is useful for returning to deep center whenever life throws us off with business. We will also touch on, but not delve into, Yin tonifying. 
Water, the Element of Winter, is associated with the Kidneys, which in TCM govern vitality, sexuality, life-force and destiny. 
Sunday, January 17th   11-2 pm   $45.
Opening to Life   407 NE 12th, studio upstairs
Zhenzan Dao, also known as Daniel Villasenor, created both Stillness and Yin tonifying out of his compilations and refinements of multiple Chinese schools of Qigong.
Katja Biesanz has studies archetypes for almost 50 years, and has taught people to feel their energy  bodies for 40. She has been an in-depth student of Qigong for more than a decade, spending the last 2 and a half years in intensive study in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she was on the faculty of the MogaDao Institute.
Katja Biesanz 

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Qigong for Fall: Entering the Glittering Dark


Sunday November 15, 2015

Opening to Life, 407 NE 12th @Flanders, studio upstairs

2-4:30 pm  $45.

Fall is a time of reflection, and of letting go. It can be of time of grief, and it can be the time of finding meaning in life’s experiences. It is the hard mining that reveals the inner jewel. It is the time to cut away what hinders, and to hone the core of who you are in this life. It is the Yin time for harvesting Wisdom.

The Metal Element in Traditional Chinese Medicine encompasses all this. Qigong is mindful movements that support integration of the full being, including the physical body, with the Cosmos.

Lung is the organ associated with the fall. These practices will support respiratory health.

Who will benefit:

  • Those with lung and breathing issues
  • Those processing grief
  • Those doing inner work
  • Those seeking transformation

MogaDao Qigong & More    

You will learn a six-move form: Zhenzan Dao’s Yijing form Summer to Fall: Yielding. You will also experience other Qigong and Yoga practices that support the lung , help you to enter the rich Yin of the season, and discover the inner work that leads to transcendence and freedom.

Katja Biesanz, LPC

I am a somatically based psychotherapist , a dancer and an herbalist. I’m certified as an Instructor and Guide in all MogaDao Qigong forms. I have taught people to feel their Qi (Chi) for forty years, and have focused on Qigong for the last ten. I live and practice on the North Coast of Oregon, and come to Portland to see clients once a week.

Opening to Life 407 NE 12th @ Flanders, studio upstairs

Info: Katja 503-703-1262


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Portland Qigong & Sacred Daoist Sexuality Weekend

moga dao logo mi-logo_crop-e1380504713245IMG_3505_2

November 21-23, 2014

All events at Opening to Life, 407 NE 12th at the corner of Flanders, studio upstairs

Friday, November 21

Energy & Form: Internal Alchemy & Qigong for Healing   5:30-7:00 pm   $20.

Getting through the Dark Times: Qigong, Diet & Herbs  for Seasonal Affective Disorder & Depression. 7:30-9:00 pm $25.

Saturday, November 22 

Morning Medical Qigong —  A set of 11 Qigong practices that harmonize the body and support health and healing. 9:00-10:30 am $15.

Yijing III Stillness & the Water Element — A hexagram of Qigong forms that support the Kidney and prepare us for Winter 11:00 am -12:30 pm $25.

The Women’s Forms — Qigong practices that nourish and move a woman’s sexual energy, to increase vitality in every aspect of her life. 2:00-3:30 pm  $25.

Sexy Women of a Certain Age: Thriving During The Change and After — Qigong, Diet and Herbs for Libido, Well-being & Vitality for the rest of your Life. 4:00-6:00 pm $30.

Women’s Healing Ritual Transformative group Qigong forms for all healing, including sexual trauma. 7:00-9:00 pm $30.

Sunday, November 23

The Dance of Yin & Yang — Explore the interdependence of Earth & Sky, Gathering & Expressing, Breathing In & Breathing Out.  Includes both Yin & Yang Tonifying Sets of the Five Elements. 9:00-10:30 am $25.

LGBT Qigong: Transformative & Epicene Sexuality Forms — Practices that support Gender fluidity &/or transformation. Master Zhenzan Dao, my teacher, created these forms specifically for LGBT people who want to cultivate their life force through Qigong. 11:00 am -12:45 pm $30.

The Men’s Forms — Qigong practices that enhance a man’s sexual energy, to increase vitality in every aspect of his life. (My teacher is a man, who learned from a woman — and so in the Daoist tradition, I offer these teachings) 2:00-3:30 pm $25.

Women’s Self-Cultivation & Internal Practices — In a safe, clothed, sacred atmosphere, we will explore the various Daoist techniques for cultivating sexual energy. These practices are considered so important that they are frequently done by celibate nuns to maintain their health and capacity for healing others.  You will learn sexual self massage, pressure points, healing sounds and Jade Egg work to practice at home. Jade eggs will be available for purchase. 4:00-5:45 pm $30.

Sex as Spiritual Cultivation (for any and all genders) — An introduction to Daoist Sexual Refinement, Philosophy, Erogenous Zones, Classical Sexual Positions & Ecstatic Spiritual Cultivation.7:00-8:45 pm $35.

Chairs are available for participants who are challenged to stand for periods of time. Please note, the studio is upstairs with no elevator

Sign up before your first session for 5 or more and receive a 10% discount. 

All  three days 10 Women’s & Qigong classes $195.

All three days 7 Men’s & Qigong classes $135.

All three days, 7 LGBT & Qigong classes $140. 

For further information, please contact Katja Biesanz, LPC Oregon, LPCC New Mexico  503-703-1262

Katja Biesanz is a healer, teacher and psychotherapist. She has taught energy awareness & sacred movement for four decades. A student of Master Zhenzan Dao (once known as Daniel Villasenor) for almost a decade, she is certified by him in MogaDao Qigong, Sacred Daoist Sexuality, Internal Alchemy and MogaDao Yoga.

Katja has a life-long interest in herbs, and recently graduated from the Milagro School of Herbal Medicine. She teaches Qigong, together with her husband Coby, at the MogaDao Institute in Santa Fe, NM.

The practices offered in this weekend are primarily from the deep research and cultivation of Master Zhenzan Dao. Find out more at and

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