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Qigong is an ancient practice from China. About 5.000 years old, it is the  root of both Traditional Chinese Medicine and most Martial Arts.

Qigong cultivates your subtle energy, Qi (chee). This force is the foundation of health and longevity. The goal of the practice is harmony with all.

Qigong consists primarily of meditative movements. When ill or incapacitated, it can be done on your behalf, or you can do it lying down or sitting. Later, you can develop your own practice.

Qigong addresses every level of being. It cultivates the body to contain the full soul, all of your spirit. It supports you in finding the jewel of your experience.  It is communion with the Cosmos, and with all of Creation.


MogaDao Qigong, created by Master Zhen Dao, links the poetry of  Chinese imagery with essential archetypes. In practice then, one prepares for all the stages, joys & vicissitudes of life.

I use Qigong in my life and my psychotherapy practice because it addresses the emotions superbly. It strengthens the heart during difficulties, it soothes anxiety, it uplifts when depressed. It lends inspiration and courage. It refines  tenderness and compassion. It helps you speak up when needed, and flow around difficulties when that is right.

It also helps bring understanding. Qigong helps you digest your experience, and hence is a marvellous adjunct to therapy.

It integrates one’s sexuality with the life force. It is deeply generative. This power can not only enhance your sex life, it can be directed towards creativity and wisdom as well.

And Qigong supports the health of the physical body.  It not only brings grace and power to your movements, it strengthens the immune system, and replenishes  what was depleted.


My testimonial: In the decade that I have studied Qigong intensively, my inner experience of relationship has shifted. My patience and understanding have grown. My body has discovered more harmony.  I have far more energy and can move better than when I began. I joke that it helped me recover from graduate school.  And I find that I don’t get bronchitis anymore when I practice Qigong.

Qigong  reflects  that the body, mind and spirit are interwoven, and profoundly influence each other.