“Thank you for caring so much about me.”   -B.E., Speech Therapist.

“How weird. I am not anxious anymore.  I’ve been anxious my whole life!”                                                    – G.F., Executive.

“Thank you for giving me my life back.” L.S., Iraqi Vet

“I have tried many therapists. I almost stopped trying. But what we did really helped me.”                    -C.W., Afgan Vet

” You are a gifted healer with a rich dynamic background. I  think folks are very lucky to have you.”                                             —  C.G., Jungian therapist, Portland

Workshops & Classes

“Katja’s workshop frees the mind, the spirit, and the body, enhances their integration, and allows you to take risks.”                                                                                          -E.B. Arts Consultant/Singer

“Katja, that workshop you taught tonight was a-maz-ing…you have to say each syllable…’Folks, you have to check out Katja’s workshop!'”                                                              – NR Publisher/Speaker

“I’ve taken from a lot of people, but Katja is the first Teacher I’ve had.  I’ve felt tremendous change and understanding within my own body- and I’ve seen vast improvements in other bodies.   She has a wealth of information, and she knows how to translate that to different students.  I’ve studied communications as a professional- and I’m impressed with her- she seems to understand each student completely and be able to help them individually.”            -BW, Child & Family Therapist

“Katja is a wealthy bank of knowledge and helpful exercises to encourage the magical healer in you.”   – LB, yoga and expressive arts therapist

“You are so clear and the energy you cultivate feels rich and deep, but delightful too.”     –  LF, teacher

“Katja’s work transcends secular art.  It is spiritual and eternal, integrating many cultures and styles with rhythms and energies our ancestors understood long ago.  Katja blends eastern and western dance and thought in powerful dance art that somehow manages to give us insight and beauty in the same moment.   Participating both as student and audience member, it has transformed my work as an actor, and my life.”                                                                  -CH,  Actor/Director

“Katja is by far the best dance  teacher I’ve studied with.  I’ve learned more with her in four weeks than I have in all my years of dancing.  Katja incorporates energy, strength and style .  She has a keen intuitive sense about her students to give them what they need to become better dancers. I feel very lucky to have come across such a source of knowledge and talent.  She  is a rare find.  Katja goes beyond  technique:  tuning into her students , she helps them as unique individual dancers.”                                        -JL, Dancer

“In Katja’s classes my dancing progresses to higher levels of expression and strength.  She offers not only excellent technical training- her choice of inspirational music, imagery and energy make all the difference.”                     -TU ,  Dancer, Mother, Ecology Writer

“It was absolutely wonderful.  It was very healing, not only for my personal life, but also opened a surprisingly deep womanship, a kinship to discover in such a short time together.  A revelation to get in touch with ourselves, with each other- this kind of support I have only experienced in this workshop – not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally.. It has really stayed with me.”                                                                                   -L H   Psychotherapist/Former Dancer

“It was good for me to work with people who ground wholistically… it is rare to find people who seek a spiritual center kinesthetically.”                                                                                        -B C Dancer

“It meant the world to me.  I need a dozen superlative at least to describe it.  Most people get no training in communicating with their bodies- we all do it, but we all need expanding in that direction.  It fulfilled my fantasies about being a dancer.  It was exquisite.

“Interacting on a non-verbal level, I got to know other people, and myself in a whole different dimension.  I trusted Katja with my soul as well as my body- I felt safe.  She took good care of us.  She created an environment in which we could be brave.  I loved it.  It was magnificent, a true life opener.”                                                                                                                                        -KR   Storyteller/Author