“Too Sensitive?”

Sensitivity is a gift, but it needs skills to safeguard it. Highly Sensitive People (HSP) are attuned and perceptive. But the culture is not geared to us.  As an empath (someone who feels the feelings of others) who has worked with survivors of abuse, assault and war, I have developed a wonderful tool kit for keeping myself whole even as I help others. These tools can help you, too. 

Going through Transition?

Having a hard time adjusting? Whether good or bad, is the new hard for you? Even difficult transitions can lead to new life, and transformation. Mindfulness is key.

Body Issues?_MG_9307_3

It seems like the problem is your body. Your mind and spirit need attention. When they get it, the issue may dissolve on its own.
  • Body Image
  • Weight
  • Sexuality
  • Insomnia, Hypersomnia

Don’t Feel Safe?

If any of the following pertain, you may have traumatic memories or PTSD. I can help.
  • You startle easy: things make you jump.
  • You are frequently anxious.
  • You’re vigilant: in a restaurant you want to face the door.
  • You don’t even quite remember
  • You can see scary memories more clearly than other memories

Whether the incident is stored in your body, or nervous system, or your mind, I have very effective tools to bring relief. I can help you feel safe while we process your most challenging experiences. No one can do this alone. 

Cultural Adjustment Issues?

  • You just returned from another country and can’t readjust to the U.S.
  • Your parents are traditional, and you are not.
  • You want God in your life, but your family’s religion (or lack thereof) doesn’t  connect with the Divine.
  • You have a relationship with someone of another race or culture, and it’s hard.

I had been in 36 countries, and lived in five by the time I was twelve. I never was part of a majority until I was 40 years old. I understand. I can help you sort it out.


Illness, Grief and Loss

  • No loss is too big nor too little; get support
  • Grief complicated by mixed feelings needs an ear
  • Even good changes mean letting go of the old
  • It’s OK to feel
  • You deserve support


Our dominant culture doesn’t always make room for the process of grief. If we move on too soon,we lose the opportunity for healing, meaning, and transformation.   The ill sometimes feel guilty for their condition. And while illness can be an opportunity, it is a very difficult and sometime very scary experience that deserves exploration and understanding. I am not afraid to go to hard places with you.


There is no one right way to create art. I was a dancer and choreographer for much of my life, so I “get” the creative process. 

  • Blocks
  • Stage fright
  • Your artist voice


There is no one right way  to relate to the Mystery of the Divine.   I have supported Catholics and Jews, Agnostics and Buddhists, Mormons and folks raised as Jehovah’s Witnesses, in finding their path to God, whether in the religion they were born to, or outside of it.   I am a licensed minister, and deep practitioner of Daoist Qigong – that is my personal path.  I am here to support your wrestling with the angel of your Faith, until it grant you its blessing.

Freedom from Smoking

I have been free of cigarettes for 22 years now. I have helped many others be free of smoking, to my great delight. We also can investigate other habits or patterns, such as recreating the “same” bad relationship over and over. 

Support for the Healing Professions

About a third of my clients have been other therapists  or people in the healing and medical professions. 

  • Burnout_MG_9284
  • Compassion Fatigue
  • Secondary Trauma
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Personal Ethics
  • Self Sustenance
  • Care for the Caregiver

The pages below will let you know what to expect when working with me:

 Psychotherapy   Approaches