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Qigong of Letting Go

Closing Blessing of Opening to Life Studio

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 6:30-8:30

The exhale of life eludes us. Our culture is about doing and getting. We get very little encouragement in the skills of emptying, letting go, or release.

The beautiful 12th street building of Opening to Life has been sold. The studio there is where I first met Zhen Dao, called back then Daniel, when they came to bless the new space. I have consulting with them on this bookend, of releasing the space that has held such beautiful practices over the years.

This ceremony is for anyone who wants to be more skillful at endings and closure, or who has attachments to this studio and building and would like a farewell ritual.

Entrance is by donation, with half going to seed Red Tent practice in a new place. 15-20. is suggested, but pay as you can and will.

407 NE 12th @ Flanders Studio Upstairs

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Qigong for Fall: Entering the Glittering Dark


Sunday November 15, 2015

Opening to Life, 407 NE 12th @Flanders, studio upstairs

2-4:30 pm  $45.

Fall is a time of reflection, and of letting go. It can be of time of grief, and it can be the time of finding meaning in life’s experiences. It is the hard mining that reveals the inner jewel. It is the time to cut away what hinders, and to hone the core of who you are in this life. It is the Yin time for harvesting Wisdom.

The Metal Element in Traditional Chinese Medicine encompasses all this. Qigong is mindful movements that support integration of the full being, including the physical body, with the Cosmos.

Lung is the organ associated with the fall. These practices will support respiratory health.

Who will benefit:

  • Those with lung and breathing issues
  • Those processing grief
  • Those doing inner work
  • Those seeking transformation

MogaDao Qigong & More    

You will learn a six-move form: Zhenzan Dao’s Yijing form Summer to Fall: Yielding. You will also experience other Qigong and Yoga practices that support the lung , help you to enter the rich Yin of the season, and discover the inner work that leads to transcendence and freedom.

Katja Biesanz, LPC

I am a somatically based psychotherapist , a dancer and an herbalist. I’m certified as an Instructor and Guide in all MogaDao Qigong forms. I have taught people to feel their Qi (Chi) for forty years, and have focused on Qigong for the last ten. I live and practice on the North Coast of Oregon, and come to Portland to see clients once a week.

Opening to Life 407 NE 12th @ Flanders, studio upstairs

Info: Katja 503-703-1262


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