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Blooming in Adversity:

Building Resilience, Strength & Wholeness April 3-5, 2002

What are you called to in these times? How will we cultivate the inner resources to meet the challenges before us? What gifts do you carry and how can you find the courage to offer them? These are the questions of our time.

This experience will offer you the opportunity to explore your unique path. It will also strengthen your ability to create and be in sacred community. Through journaling, sharing our stories, and healing movement techniques, participants will deepen their practice of giving and receiving care, creating transformative connection while building personal resiliency.

With Vanessa Timmons & Katja Biesanz Vancouver, Washington (10 minutes from Portland) $300 To register, go to http://www.vanessatimmons.com, or email Vanessa at vanessa@vanessatimmons.org Light snacks and Vegan/Vegetarian lunch provided. Dress comfortably, in layers, for gentle movement practices

Vanessa Timmons combines the modern science of interpersonal neurobiology, the ancient healing art of storytelling, trauma informed mindfulness techniques, with the profound power of community. She has over 30 years of experience working with survivors of trauma, Vanessa provides each participant with a personal toolkit for success and resiliency.

Katja Biesanz, LPC, is dedicated to cultivating vibrant individuation together with healthy community. A psychotherapist, Qigong teacher, and writer, she has a deep dance background. She focuses on embodiment — truly being in your body — as a vehicle for authenticity and presence — a ground of both personal and global transformation.

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Stillness & Flow: Mastering the Water Element


Stillness * Flow *  Yin Surging Power *  Watercourse Way * Overcoming Fear * Conserving Qi * Overcoming Depression * Embracing Inner Quiet

In exploring the Water Element of Traditional Chinese Medicine with various movement and sacred practice modalities, we’ll emphasize the MogaDao Yijing form Stillness, which supports the inner tasks of Winter. This form is useful for returning to deep center whenever life throws us off with business. We will also touch on, but not delve into, Yin tonifying. 
Water, the Element of Winter, is associated with the Kidneys, which in TCM govern vitality, sexuality, life-force and destiny. 
Sunday, January 17th   11-2 pm   $45.
Opening to Life   407 NE 12th, studio upstairs
Zhenzan Dao, also known as Daniel Villasenor, created both Stillness and Yin tonifying out of his compilations and refinements of multiple Chinese schools of Qigong.
Katja Biesanz has studies archetypes for almost 50 years, and has taught people to feel their energy  bodies for 40. She has been an in-depth student of Qigong for more than a decade, spending the last 2 and a half years in intensive study in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she was on the faculty of the MogaDao Institute.
Katja Biesanz 

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